Shawna Gray, Secretary

Shawna Gray, Secretary for STAHS, 2016 – present

Shawna (Smith) Gray joined the STAHS Board of Directors in October 2016. A member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, she is the daughter of Robert and Elaine Smith, and the granddaughter of Edward and Delores Rilatos, great granddaughter of  Tuton and Pearl Rilatos. Her family comes from two of the most stunning regions of Oregon; Mollala and Galice Creek.

Shawna was born and raised in Alaska. She has lived in several small Alaskan towns, from logging camps to gold mining camps. Once she had completed her Bachelor of Arts from Rocky Mountain College, in Billings, Montana she moved back to her family’s ancestral land in Oregon. She has dedicated her time to volunteering with Tribal Youth and serving for many years on the Native Student Parent Committee for North Lincoln County. 

 She has worked for her Tribe for twenty-three years and is currently on several Tribal committees.  She is honored to be the Executive Director of the Siletz Tribal Gaming Commission. She is inspired by the connection to her Tribe, her family and the love of hunting, camping and spending time in nature.

She is grateful that she can play a small role in helping to persevere and carry on the heritage and traditions of the Siletz Tribe.  A Place for Our People will forever be a remembrance to the Siletz Tribe and the generations to follow.